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Balance S - globules 10g

Application: Globules for ingestion. If not individually tested differently, let 3x3 globules dissolve under the tongue 30 minutes apart before meals.


Radionics : The product bears the radionic signature of reFertil , as well as Balance S , the specification for shedding symptoms. reFertil is an infopathic remedy and addresses the common denominator of Long Covid, vaccination consequences and shedding symptoms, in particular the potential consequences of a spike protein allergy or the autoimmune reactions that spike proteins may trigger.


This may include damage to the reproductive organs and - due to the high similarity of the proteins - especially in the connective tissue between the fetus and the uterus. reFertil is designed as a preventive measure and is not a medical product as an infopathic product.


The specification for shedding at Balance S relates to selected informational mechanisms through which the shedding victim's body reacts to the presence of vaccine components, in particular pheromone reception and the energetic mechanisms triggered thereby.

Balance S - globules 10g

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