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Bunte Natur


Radionic preparation based on Chaga Kombucha.



The concept behind juVenilum is based on the hypothesis that the self-assembly of neuronal nanobots, as described in the transhumanist literature, can lead to BSE/Creutzfeld Jakob and possibly other degenerative diseases of old age in the event of an overdose of the components and/or a weakened immune system.


The main components that lead to the formation of neuronal nanobots were already identified in the BSE epidemic in England: heavy metal poisoning with mercury, barium and strontium, copper deficiency through organophosphates, piezo crystals and an excess of ferritin. During the formation of neuronal nanobots, the copper is extracted from the nerve tissue and replaced by barium or strontium. As a result, the nerves become electrosensitive and attach to barium strontium titanate piezo crystals, which then coat themselves with ferittin, forming a radio-sensitive neural node, a so-called neural nanobot. 


Chaga is an excellent supplier of minerals.

Its high mineral content, up to 70% in the mushroom, is made optimally bioavailable through fermentation by the kombucha and brought directly into the metabolism through the colloids present in the water. This helps to meet the need for minerals and trace elements necessary for the regeneration of nerve tissue.


Radionics indicates the foreign substances and toxins, ie the piezos and heavy metals, for elimination and ensures improved copper availability by addressing the mitochondria and the metabolic processes accordingly.

In this way, the body can regenerate healthy, copper-based nerve tissue and restore the protection of the nerves by the enveloping tubulin. Synthetic nerve tissue and neuronal nanobots are indicated for the immune system and thereby deconstructed.

Contains live cultures.

Store in a cool place, Scoby (Kombucha cell culture) can subsequently form.


Excluding VAT

Chaga Concentrate, Colloidal Water (1.7%), Radionically Imprinted.

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