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reFertil acute - colloidal silver 30 ml

Application: Colloidal silver can be used to disinfect the mouth and throat after contact with infected people, to disinfect masks, but also for the external care of wounds and skin irritations.


Radionics: The product bears the radionic signature of reFertil . reFertil is an infopathic remedy and addresses the common denominator of Long Covid, vaccination consequences and shedding symptoms, in particular the potential consequences of a spike protein allergy or the autoimmune reactions that spike proteins may trigger.


This may include damage to the reproductive organs and - due to the high similarity of the proteins - especially in the connective tissue between the fetus and the uterus. reFertil is designed as a preventive measure and is not a medical product as an infopathic product.

Carrier substance: Colloidal silver is a tried and tested disinfectant.

Up until the middle of the last century, silver was considered the most effective disinfectant. It was thereafter replaced by cheaper alternatives.

Even in low concentrations, silver is effective against bacteria and fungi. This antimicrobial effect is based on the fact that silver cations inhibit the metabolism of microorganisms. Colloidal silver becomes active against viruses by attaching nanosilver particles to the surface of viruses and thus suppressing their binding to host cells.

Medium : Colloidal water consists of liquid “transport shells”, extremely large water clusters that can enclose nutrients and toxins. This structure of the water is identical to the body's own water, which organizes the flow of substances in the lymphatic system and the connective tissue fluids. In particular, the combination of colloidal water and colloidal particles enclosed in these clusters is a unique selling point of the carrier substances of the SiriSana products.


reFertil acute - colloidal silver 30 ml

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